All Christians of Egypt
Sunday December 17th 2017

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  • Omar Jabara says:

    I was trying to fill out the petition, but I couldn’t get it to “submit.”. I would still like to add my name and comment to the petition. Could you please add me to it? My name is Omar Jabara, and I live in Denver, CO. My e-mail address is: Here’s the message I would like to accompany my signature:

    I am a Muslim of Lebanese extraction. Only Muslims can stand up to the extremists, and we have a collective obligation to speak out against them. This is our problem and Egypt’s Copts are now the victims. Discrimination against Christians in the Middle East is a back mark on Islam and contradicts everything we teach about respecting People of the Book. All Muslims should ashamed of this and must take responsibility to fix it and beg forgiveness from our Christian bretheren.

  • Katharina says:

    I’m so disappointed by the report today on Jihad Watch, on Anti-Semitism against the Jews in the Coptic demonstration in Italy – see Coptic leaders must come out with strong statement and action against such unacceptable hatred of the Jews and Israel. This is my comment in Jihad Watch: Either Muslim fanatcis have infiltrated the increasingly vocal Coptic movements, to divide the Jews and Christians as usual, or that the original anti-Semitism which was started by Mohammed, has influenced the many Arabicized or Arab Coptics. The Coptic Christians are targeted intensively, by Arab-led Muslim fanatics since they, like the Jews of Israel, are bravely standing up to Islam and its arrogantly savage believers. Further, these primitive Muslim fanatics want to go ‘purifying’ the “Arabian kingdom” through such divide and rule strategy, from Christians and Jews. This is since their beloved Mohammed, the Arabic Pedophile creator of Islam, became the first one in history (so Hitler wasn’t the first – he might have been inspired by Mohammed since Hitler loved Islam) to SYSTEMATICALLY racialize the Jews as a race as different from the Arab race, to justify their mass-murder, in order to commit the first racial Genocide of the Jews, in order to create supremacist and savage Nazi-like Arabic empire!

    • A Jewish American says:

      There are bad people in every group. Those with prudence will recognize the anti-Semitic statements of the Coptic hierarchy as attempts to survive in a horrific society. The Swedish Jews during WWII argued publicly against accepting Jews from the Holocaust. Jews in Venezuela talk of how wonderful it is there in public, as do those in Iran. These things are done to survive. Right now, 10,000,000 Copts are at risk of annihilation. We must do what we can to save them. Spoken or written words are simply no argument against a corpse. Rest assured there are many Jews like me who are gravely concerned. Life is the paramount value.

  • Norain says:

    Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Lord of those who worship Him in spirit and in truth : Egypt, you who shedding the blood of God´s children, I will hurt your pride and destroy the Cheops pyramid as warning.

  • Rugby Store says:

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  • David says:

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