In wake of church burning, clashes leave one dead

At least one person is left dead and several injured as clashes erupted on Tuesday evening in the Mansheyet Nasser district of Cairo under the Mokattam plateau.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing many of the injured being treated in the nearby St. Samaan Church Hospital.

“There is not enough medical help here,” Faiz, a 40-year-old garbage collector, said. “With all of these injuries, we will need medical reinforcements.”

The violence broke out between protesters who organized a sit-in blocking one of the roads leading to the densely populated residential area atop the plateau.

Coptic protesters from the area known as the Garbage Man’s neighborhood organized the sit-in after events on Monday led to the burning of a church in southern Cairo.

The clashes, according to the eyewitnesses, flared up at around 4:30PM on Tuesday and are currently ongoing. Local residents also reported hearing gunshots starting at 11PM.

“Residents from the surrounding neighborhoods poured in and the clashes are happening under the eyes of the military,” said Romany from the scene of the violence.

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  1. Unfortunately this “news” is as old as Islam – yet another example of the insttitutionalized intolerance, religious bigotry, fundamental apartheid philosophy in the Koran. This is not now and nevere has been religious equality in a Moslem majority country and the quicker we all understand this the better.


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