His Eminence Anba Mikhail rests in the Lord after serving 68 years as Metropolitan


Nov. 23, 2014 / Coptic World

His Eminence Anba Mikhail, the Elder Metropolitan of Saint Mark’s See departed in the Lord at the age of 93 after spending 68 years as Metropolitan of Assiut. His Eminence was ordained in 1946. The bells of Archangel Michael Cathedral has begun to ring the funeral toll announcing the news .. It is expected that the Diocese of Assiut will announce the funeral prayer arrangements in the coming hours.

Metropolitan Mikhail was born in Qena on July 4, 1920. He became a monk in 1939 at Abu Maqaar Monastery. He was ordained as Bishop of Assiut while 26 years old by Pope Yusab II in 1946. In his era, the Holy Virgin Mary apparitions took place in Assiut and Darnaka. We also lived days of glorious spiritual events between Saint Mark Church and Saint Abadir the Martyr Church. His Eminence witnessed many events of our contemporary church history. He was a praying saint, preaching and revering the Holy Virgin Mary. One of his famous sayings is “Peace, O Lord” and we respond “Peace to you our father, pray for us.”

Source: Coptic Orthodox Church Spokesperson

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